Fort Knox PB4 Handgun Safe Review

Every handgun owner should keep their gun in a secure safe. The Fort Knox PB4 handgun safe is an excellent choice for both home and office use. Made in the USA boasts the best build quality, reliability, and security of any safe in its class, and it is reasonably priced too.

The Fort Knox pistol safe exceeds the CA Firearms Safety Device requirements. Unlike many other modern safes, it does not depend on batteries to operate the combination lock or the opening strut.

Do not risk your safety and security by purchasing a cheap foreign-made safe. Look after your weapons and treat them with respect, and they will look after you and your family.

fort knox pb4 gun safe

Fort Knox PB4 Dimensions

The inside of the safe is spacious enough for a couple of handguns and magazines. There’s enough padding to protect the contents of the safe, and there is a gap between the bottom layers of padding where you can store documents, cash, or other small personal effects.

  • Exterior:  5″ x 9.5 x 12.5″
  • Interior:  8.25″ x 3.75″ x 10.5″
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Colors: Gunmetal black

Quick Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Simplex combination lock
  • Quick open access
  • Solid build
  • Ten gauge steel
  • Spring-loaded pistons for door assist
  • 4 Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • No need for batteries


  •  Built tough
  • Simplex combination lock
  • No batteries or keys to worry about
  • Easy and fast access to your handguns
  • Four pre-drilled mounting holes


  • Full-size pistols will have to be laid flat you can’t place them vertically side by side.
  • additional padding to the sides to stop the contents of the safe rattling around inside.
  • The safe is lacking side padding. This is not likely to be an issue if you keep them safe indoors, on a desk or in a drawer.
FORT KNOX PB4 gun safe


Consumer Reviews

Owners of the Fort Knox all agreed that this was one of the sturdiest gun safes they had looked at and were pleased that the safe they received was as advertised.

Several consumers returned their biometric safes in favor of the Fort Knox after being disappointed with the dependability of the fingerprint readers.

Customers commented that they liked the idea of a combination lock and the reliability of the Simplex lock that was installed on the Fort Knox.

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The overall sentiment was that you did not have to rely on batteries or a key or the sensitivity of a fingerprint reader when they were in an emergency situation.

All of the consumers were very pleased that the safe was made of a lower ten gauge steel and agreed that this was something you would find on a more expensive safe.

Several owners stated they would buy another Fort Knox safe or even an extra one because they were very satisfied with the Fort Knox PB4 handgun safe.

Consumer Rating


Fort Knox PB4 Build Quality

Although the Fort Knox handgun safe is a small pistol safe, it has a secure lock and a very sturdy body.

For such a compact handgun safe, it is actually one of the most reliable and most secure consumer-grade handgun safes on the market.

Owners frequently say that the Fort Knox handgun safe is “built like a tank.”

It is made with a combination lock that is sturdy, dependable, and weather resistant. Push a few buttons, and you’re in.

FORT KNOX PB4 gun safe

This lock will not freeze up or break after a few months of use like other gun safes that have electronic locks or biometric locking systems.

The door is recessed to make it harder to pry open.

The safe is light, though, and it could be carried off, so I do not recommend using this as a transport safe. Although, the thief would have to take it somewhere to use power tools to break into it.

Fortunately, it has pre-drilled holes in the bottom, and you can bolt it down, making it harder for someone to carry it off.


The Fort Knox PB4 Locking System

The PB version of the Fort Knox PB4 safe uses a Simplex lock, which requires you to remember and input a combination.

You can program over 1,000 different combinations.

This lock is secure and easy to use, and they will not open if the safe is dropped onto its side (something that many cheaper safes are vulnerable to).

The Fort Knox PB4 will always work, even if it sits unused for several months because the lock is mechanical.

FORT KNOX PB4 gun safe

The key-less design means that you don’t ever have to worry about losing your keys or having them stolen. Nor do you have to worry about someone breaking into your property and finding the keys lying around.

Since it is not biometric or electric, there are no batteries to mess with.

The only practical way to get into the safe without a cutting torch would be to know the combination – that’s the best kind of security there is!


Ease of Access

The Fort Knox is equipped with spring-assisted hinges. Once you’ve opened the safe, the piston will keep the door open for you.

So you can pick up your gun without having to try to support the door at the same time. The piston is very quiet, so accessing your gun can be done discretely.


Does Not Have A Fire And Water Rating

Keep in mind that this safe is designed to stop people from accessing your handgun without your consent, it is not designed for fire or flood protection so it won’t keep other valuables like important documents safe.


Steel Gauge

Made with ten gauge steel Fort Knox did not cut any corners when making this safe.

It also does not come with mounting brackets, which would be helpful if you want to mount for additional security. If you are handy, you can get brackets and work something out, though.

fort knox pb4 gun safe


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