Top 5 Best Biometric Gun Safes [UPDATED 2020]

If you own a gun, a gun safe will be a worthwhile investment for you. Because your child will not have access to it, and it will prevent it from theft. So here we came up with top 5 best biometric gun safe with detailed review and buying guide.

And most states have been passing the law that gun owners should have safe even if they don’t have little children that can play with it at home.

You might as well protect your gun from fire or waterproof safes. 

You can also use such saves to keep your valuables safe. To help you make the right choice during your purchase, we have made the list of top biometric gun safe you buy from the market.

01. Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe is a right safe for your pistol with a combination of code to lock it. The buttons have a light that can be used to open the safe in the darkness.

This combination lock does not require a battery. You will need to press a button to activate, which is quicker to open than the standard lock.

The safe comes with a year’s warranty. And you can use it for your car also.

Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol Safe


  • You don’t need a battery to operate the safe
  • Most of the lock mechanism is inside of the safe
  • The safe has a reset button at the back of the battery, which can’t be accessed by thieves.


  • The safe is less ware and fireproof
  • You have to press a button to activate the access code
  • They react slowly when entering the code
Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol Safe

Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol Safe

02. Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Box Handgun Safe

This handgun safe can be used to protect your pistol and valuables. They have a spring hinge for easy access.

You can attach the safe to a solid surface as it will discourage thieves. This safe has a lifetime warranty.

The safe setting does not have a backup option for your password so you need to reset the password to get more secured with your gun safe.

You can also take the help from the company to reset the code.

The hinges of this gun safe are made of hard steel that is not easy to breakthrough. Which makes your gun and equipment more safer.

fort knox pb4 gun safe


  • The safe does not use a battery which means you will be able to access your gun all the time
  • The safe does not make noise when you are opening it
  • It has a space for two pistols and some valuables


  • The installation of this safe may not be easy
  • You can’t access the safe in darkness
FORT KNOX PB4 gun safe

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Pistol Box Handgun Safe

03. Gunvault Speed vault Sv500 Gun Safe

Gunvault Speed vault is gun safe with a digital keypad to access the safe. This one of the perfect gun safe you can use in the car.

The company offers you about five years warranty in case of fire or another form of disaster.

You only get the notification for a low battery when you touch the keypad.  You will need to have a fresh battery with you at all times in case it runs out when you are out of the home.

GunVault SVB 500 SpeedVault Biometric Fingerprint Handgun Safe


  • They are designed to be mounted in most places including your car
  • They are equipped with a light for you to see the inside in complete darkness
  • The keypad is silent, and won’t make any noise when entering your code


  • The bright internal light might be too bright for some people
gun vault sv500 gun safe

Gunvault Speed vault Sv500 Gun Safe

04. The GunBox 2.0 Biometric Gun Safe

The Gunbox 2.0 gun safe is designed with an RFID scanner that uses a ring or wristband to unlock the safe. This ring is sold separately from the safe.

And you can go for the biometric fingerprint to get more secured. You can use the safe at home or in your car. The Gunbox comes with a year warranty.

The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe


  • You have various ways to access the safe
  • You can use your fingerprint to open the safe at any angle
  • The safe comes with an audible alarm in case of an intruder
  • You can charge the safe with a USB port


  • The safe delay in confirming the fingerprint
  • The battery of the safe runs out quickly
The GunBox 2.0 The Smartest Quick Access Gun Safe

The GunBox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe

05. BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe

BILLCONCH biometric gun safe designed for easy and quick access. This biometric gun safe is perfect for pistols and it can easily contain two handguns.

BILLCONCH comes with very strong security system of biometric fingerprint and code numbers.

BILLCONCH fingerprint gun safe allows 10 fingerprints for access the safe. Also, this safe comes with inbuilt LED light, so you access this safe at night without any external light source.



  • Application control system
  • Quick and easy access
  • LED lightning and silent mode
  • Secured and lightweight design


  • It's difficult to replace the battery when safe is mounted

BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe

Best Biometric Gun Safe: A Helpful Buying Guide

Biometric gun safes are some of the most sophisticated safes out there, and the way they work is that they scan your fingerprint to unlock.

As you may already imagine, these types of safes are a bit more expensive than the average safe, but the extra security and other features well warrant their purchase.

But if you never bought one such safe in the past, what are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when buying one?


Based on the best biometric gun safe reviews and the things that mattered to people when buying a safe, the doors are very important, and one thing you need to take note of is where the hinges are located.

Please don’t go for safes that have the hinges on the outside, since this way they can be easily meddled with and therefore compromise the security factor of the safe.

gun safe dimensions

Next, make sure that there is a minimum of 4 bolts on each side of the biometric gun safe and at least a single pin on both the bottom and top of the safe.

When it comes to the thickness of the door, it should be at least a quarter of an inch thick (steel), while the bolts should be a minimum of 9\16 inches.

Lastly, the door frame should be a continuous weld and not a spot, and don’t forget to stay away from composite doors.

Water and fire resistance

A very important feature of the safe is its ability to withstand water and fire damage.

For instance, if your house were to catch fire, the temperatures would reach twelve hundred degrees F, and your safe needs to withstand such a high temperature for at least half an hour.

Also, make sure that in case of water damage, your safe is water-resistant.



The Best Biometric Gun Safe also features accessories, such as built-in gun racks and lights, while others feature a built-in dehumidifier. ​

The more accessories the safe has, the better, but make sure that they’re indeed useful for what you plan on storing in it.

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Why You Need a Gun Safe?


Organize your Guns

If you have a lot of weapons, you will need to arrange them to have access to them when you need them readily. The modern safe comes with a compartment and space; you can also keep your valuables.


Prevent From Disaster

Your gun is vulnerable to moisture and fire. You can avoid degradation by keeping your weapons in a safe.


Wrong handling of your gun

The worst you can do is to place your gun in a place child or criminals can access it. These people might use the weapon in the wrong way, which is why it’s essential to keep your biometric gun safe.

What To Look For In a Gun Safe Model?

When buying a biometric gun safe, there are a few safety features to take into consideration. You will want to keep your gun safe from fire, flood, and theft.

Find out what to look for in a safe so that you don’t have to worry about it when you’re not around.

what to look in gun safe

Shopping for a safe may have you wondering what to look for. At first, you may be just looking at the shape and size.

The size of the unit will be based on the size of the gun you have, whether it has any additional parts, and if you have multiple weapons.

Once you decide on what size and shape of the unit you need, the next thing you will want to look for is what security method is used to open and close it. 

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There are a few different varieties of safes to pick from

01. Code System Safe

You can choose units that open by a code pad. The code pad is typically placed on the front of the group or in a concealed place. 

02 Electronic Safe

The second type of safe requires key access. Using a key can be good for people who do not want to worry about battery power or electricity. Keys can be hidden in various locations and retrieved when the unit needs to be opened. 

03 Fingerprint Safe

There are also fingerprint safes. They require the owner to place their finger on the fingerprint pad for the safe to open. 

Once you have picked the size of the unit you need and the type of security entry system that is required, you will then need to check out its other safety features.

WATER PROTECTION: You will want to make sure that the unit is water protected. If there was ever a flood in your home, will your safe leak, and if so, will your weapon be damaged. 

To keep your weapon safe from water damage, you will need to ensure that your safe is water-resistant.

FIRE RESISTANT: In the case of a fire or extreme heat from smoke, will your safe hold up? If your unit is not fire or heatproof, it could melt, warp, or vanish in the event of a fire or smoke situation. 

To keep the contents of your safe in good condition, you will need a model that supports fire-resistant material.

SAFETY: When someone tries to break into a gun safe, they may use different methods. They could try picking a lot with various instruments, or they could attempt to crack the code on a keypad. 

Either way, there are safety measures in place to prevent someone from breaking into your unit.

fingerprint lock mechanism-min

When buying a biometric gun safe, it is important to ask the salesperson for verification on the fire and smoke security features. 

You will also want to know what anti-theft features are in place and the best place to store your gun safe. It is also essential to know if there is any system in place for extreme water flooding.

Keeping your unit safe will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also prolong the life of your weapon.

We hope this guide will help you select the right safe for your gun and other valuables. The safe prices ranges, and you will have to choose the one that is within your budget.

The features of the gun safe also differ. The characteristics of a safe are critical in protecting your gun from water or getting into the wrong hands.

It would be best if you also weighed the upside and downside of each gun safe as it may be a thin line between life and death.

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