10 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe [UPDATED 2020]

Gun safes are not only meant to keep your firearms safe and prevent theft; they are designed to do a lot more than that. There are many valid reasons why you should spend money on one of these bulky and heavily secured safes.

More and more advanced gun safes are being manufactured that can provide maximum protection to the valuables inside them, along with protection from fires, calamities, and theft.

A gun owner needs to ensure that his firearms are locked down and are not approachable by anyone other than themselves because any sort of unauthorized use of the weapon will prove lethal to both family and outsiders.

10 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

The following are the reasons why you should have a gun safe.


To keep your children safe from guns

It has been revealed in several studies that each year, over 1,000 children in America are seriously injured or killed because of poorly stored guns at their house.

A gun safe will prohibit your children’s access to the firearms ensuring their safety, and it will eliminate the chance of accidental firing to prevent any injuries. 

So it is important to keep your arms in a secure and inaccessible location if you have children in your home.

keep your children safe from guns

To comply with the Child Access Prevention Laws’

Since 1989, different laws have been made to prevent access to firearms by children, and one of them is the Child Access Prevention Law.

This law also obliges gun owners to lock their firearms in a safe place, like gun safes, so that children cannot have access to them. So you should protect your right to keep and bear arms to ensure the safety of everyone.

There are also penalties for negligent storage of weapons, and you may face criminal liability charges for allowing children access to guns.


Gun safes can secure other valuables

Gun safes are not only meant to keep your firearms safe, but they are also designed to do a lot more than that. There are many other valuables that you want to be protected from fire, theft, or any other kind of calamity.

Several things can be secured in a gun safe due to its size like deeds, gold and silver financial assets, birth certificates, passports, jewelry, family heirlooms, tax records, important papers, etc.… So it’s better to be safe than sorry.


To protect your firearms from theft

A gun safe equipped with advanced security features is the only guaranteed way to secure your firearms because they’re made impenetrable to criminals with their anti-theft features like multiple lockers and double steel doors.

There are many reported cases where burglars have used stolen firearms from homes in criminal activities. Also, guns are actually valuable items, they are expensive, and of course, you cannot risk losing your hard-earned cash.

So it would be best if you put your weapons in a safe because you can’t afford to lose them to some ruthless thieves.

protect your firearms from theft

To protect guns from fire and flood

Considering that firearms are your valuable possessions, fire accidents can be very dangerous. It’s essential to protect your arms from being damaged by household fires and floods.

Storing them in a gun safe with good fire rating reduces the risk of their damage because gun safes are capable of resisting high temperatures of 1800 F for almost one hour. 

So putting your guns in a safe will definitely secure them from accidental fires and floods.


To Have Quick Access to Your Firearms

It is crucial to access your weapon in case of an emergency quickly. Most gun safes are designed to be opened easily in split seconds.

Furthermore, you will be required to use a key each time, if you keep your guns in different storage with different locks, and it will definitely affect your reaction time in case of emergency.

So this is another benefit you can obtain from a gun safe as all your firearms are kept in one place, and you’re only needed to open a single lock.

Sentry Safe Biometric Pistol Safe

To observe the Firearm Locking Device Laws

Almost all states have laws in place that require you to lock up your arms even if there are no children in your home. Eleven states, along with the District of Columbia, demand some locking devices between purchase and storage.

You should also check your local laws regarding firearms safety protocols. because California even has gun safe regulatory standards that are required to be fulfilled for the gun safe to be an approved firearms safety device by the California Department of Justice.


Protection from Lawsuits

A lawsuit may be filed against you if somebody steals your weapon and use it for criminal activities, especially that involves killing. A gun safe protects in disputes regarding insurance claims or any legal situation.

It will allow you to demonstrate all the necessary measures that you took, to secure and protect your guns. In case of a robbery, showing that you undertook the required actions to store your firearms securely will prove to be a strong point in your favor.

So it’s rather difficult to get away from lawyers if you possess a gun but not a gun safe.


Required by insurance coverage

It is a requirement by your insurance company to lock your guns in a secure, certified gun safe, one with an alarm, to be fully covered by the insurance company.

Your insurance also demands you to split up your collection in multiple safes and reduce the possibility of it all getting stolen.

Giving a safe certification to your insurance company allows quick compensation for losses experienced during a robbery or any damage.


More safety with mechanical and biometric locks

Electronic locks are only safe to an extent because hackers find it very easy to access the passwords required to open the safe, therefore making electronic locks vulnerable to burglary.

However, in comparison, biometric and mechanical locks have proven to be safer because they come with multiple combinations. With only the owner being aware of the combination, a set of locks needs to be opened simultaneously to open the safe.

Also, the biometric locks use fingerprints that are unique and cannot be easily duplicated, to open or lock a safe, making this technology the latest trend for safes.

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